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All you Need to Know About the University of Toronto

U of T is a world-renowned university in a celebrated city where knowledge meets achievement, history meets future and ambitions meets inspiration. Leading academics and employers from around the world have rated the University of Toronto as number one in Canada and among the best in the world.

Toronto is the best of all worlds. The city has exceptional diversity: nearly half of Toronto’s 2.8 million residents were born outside of Canada. Toronto’s living mosaic continues to draw the best and the brightest, who come here seeking world-class business, culture, entertainment and education in one of the safest cities in the world.

Student Life and Athletics

At U of T, exceptional students become extraordinary people by seeking to develop their minds, bodies and spirits. Our students have thousands of things to be passionate about: student clubs that reflect our diverse community, a tradition of civic involvement, and a Varsity athletics program that has won every major Canadian university sporting championship over the past century, from football’s Vanier Cup to women’s ice hockey.

Housing and Residences

Living on campus provides our students with a live-in support network of Resident Assistants, or Dons, as well as close proximity to classes, study areas and athletics facilities. In addition to being a home on campus, residence life offers our students the chance to develop their independence while discovering and being  part of an active, vibrant community. A space in residence is guaranteed to new full-time students entering their first year of university in an undergraduate program for the first time, provided they have indicated their interest and met all of the application deadlines.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About The University of Toronto

1. Canada’s first electric computer was installed at U of T

2. U of T is Canada’s largest school, in both size and population

3. According to MTV, U of T is haunted

4. President John F. Kennedy gave a speech at Hart House in 1957, for males only, later claiming:“It’s a pleasure to be in a country where women cannot mix in everywhere.”

5. The creator of Gossip Girl, Stephanie Savage, attended U of T

6. So did the creator Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels

7. AND Donald Sutherland, who happened to perform at Hart House Theatre

8. Queen Elizabeth visited U of T when she reviewed World War Two troops on the back campus

9.There were World War Two aircrafts that were trained on Front Campus

10. The University of Toronto is ranked as the best school in Canada, and 19th globally

11. Fredrick Banting, a U of T graduate, discovered insulin in 1921 – which is considered one of the most significant events of medical history

12.Hart House, the student centre and theatre, was donated to U of T by the Massey Family, of Massey Hall

13. Hart House was named after Hart Massey, Vincent Massey’s grandfather

14. There are around 68,000 undergraduate students

15. … and about 16,000 graduate students

16. Cornell University has a building based on Hart House

17. Much of U of T’s architecture was inspired by structures at both Oxford and Cambridge

17. The first documented football match was a practice game at the school in 1861

18. U of T’s library system is the third best in North America, after Harvard and Yale

19. International students make up about 20 percent of the school’s population

20. These students come from 161 countries, around 7000 of them from China