About Us

Who we are

We are an education consultant company based in Nigeria to provide professional education consulting services to students of Nigeria who would like to study at High Schools, Colleges, and Universities in UK, USA, Canada, RSA and Australia and other parts of the world. We are working closely with the partner institutes to promote their courses and facilities to the international market to recruit potential students. We have a motivated and qualified consultant team with experience and skills, who are delighted to help the students for their higher education to take right decision for prospective future by choosing right institution and the right course.

Educational Counselling

Worldwide there are many degree programs you can follow after graduating from high-school. If you are looking for a suitable course orprogram and you want to make sense of all the information about possible study destinations, universities, courses and programs you can contact a student counselor. It is important to get in touch with a student counselor who has a good understanding of all the important facets of choosing a study. They can guide you in the decision making process. The student counselor might apply a test to identify your interests, aptitudes and abilities. In the next step they help you to select appropriate courses, schedule subjects and choose educational programs. After the selection process they help in the process of applying for the university, including the motivational letter, attending open days at the chosen university, preparing for entrance tests etc.

Services Benefits for Students

Expert information on Tips for Career development /Scholarships/ New opportunities / International Internships/ placements or Study options. simply Register and fill these essential details about your interest areas, based on which our team will send you information and connect you to an expert who will assist you further.