Bigger International Consult

Bigger International Consults (BIC) is one of the most diverse and fastest growing educational service providers in Nigeria. It was founded in 2014 in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State with an intense zeal to provide urgent and efficient academic support services to students. She also specializes in community collaboration which supports the capacity building for youths. We have recorded tremendous success in delivering high quality and professional advice to students at all levels from the high school to their tertiary academic careers.
We thrive on technology-enabled services, high quality people, structured processes and entrepreneurial leadership. These come together to form a system that delivers unmatched value.
Our student support services generally help foster the development of students’ competencies, effective study skills and habits of academic excellence in all fields of discipline.


To help students build their crafted passions through our tested and proven methods.

To empower students with the knowledge they required for their passion and to also remind them the importance of education in the process.

To inform, empower and raise school students who can make a difference no matter where they sit on the socio-economic scale. This vision is to indulge our participants in building and growing their passions alongside their academic pursuit.



High sense of Responsibility
High sense of Accountability
High sense of Integrity




Bigger International Consult has fully trained empathetic and professional staff to provide adequate consulting services to students

The programs are being handled by professionals

Close contact and regular training sessions with resource personnel guarantee that Bigger International Consult is equipped with updated student assistance techniques and procedures. Our staffs are therefore, ready to offer professional assistance at all times effectively and efficiently.

We have success stories accrued to our name. We are well and duly recognized for our reliability and sense of responsibility towards the students that we help. We truly care.


To develop the abilities of young people, create and access opportunities that improve their lives and communities and also ensure that young people are influencing policy decisions that affect their lives and help to realize their rights.

To ensure adequate preparation of secondary school graduates for a better future.

To enhance analytical and independent learning abilities and promote the intellectual development as well-crafted skills of students.

Join over thousands people

We are irrevocably committed to promoting this vision and see to it that every of students enrolled is empowered to the point of being able to empower others as well. We therefore hope that this proposal is favorably considered.